Laura Oldfield

The Key to it All: our story, mission and values

We help you:
- run your business and life with ease and flow, in line with your energy, body and mood, not against it;
- find clarity to organise all your amazing ideas, to do one thing at a time and to do it well, and to actually have a plan to your day/ week/ months/ quarters/ year that doesn't restrict your amazing creative brain.
- in making things simpler and more manageable - you are a master of many things, but sometimes that can lead to things feeling dispirate or confusing. You want help 
- you might feel like your time management is either incredible or incredibly sketchy. You want to even that approach out - we can help with that. 

Our mission is to make your working day as satisfying as possible. We do this in five key ways:

1. with products that help you get organised, focused and productive, taking into account your individual and bespoke energy, and mood from day to day

2. through beautiful things for the home that enhance your working day (our range of candles and prints are coming soon - make sure you're on our mail list to get subscriber pre-launch discounts!)

3. through e-courses and kits that help you develop your business in a more strategic way using Laura's experience as a coach and mentor for people who are looking for greater confidence and clarity over their working life

4. through educational and inspirational workshops or events, both in person and online

5. through our community in our Facebook group, the value filled blogs you can find here, the podcast, and so much more.

The Key to it All is your home. Unlock and come on in.

The Key to it All: the longer version

M(Laura, the founder of The Key to it All) know how it feels to want to feel excited but overwhelmed; capable but frustrated; muddled but seeking a way to clarity.

I am very proud to call myself a creative, and an entrepreneur. I love having all the ideas. I believe there are so many things we can be called to do, and it's ok to celebrate all of those. I really believe we can have it all, even if we can't do it all at once. But wherever I searched there didn't seem to be someone offering what I wanted.

I wanted to find a business that would give me:
- the tools and products to turn all my amazing ideas into action
- something to keep me accountable and motivated
- beautiful products to make me feel wonderful as I worked- tools to inspire self-confidence accountable that wouldn't cost the earth
- simple courses to move my business forward
- a place where I could hold workshops and events to inspire, educate, coach and mentor- an amazing community.

I couldn't find what I I created The Key to it All

The Key to it All: Laura's story

With my background as a music teacher, confidence and clarity coach and mentor my whole purpose has been around giving my students and clients the tools, resources and self-belief to work out what they need to do, and the easiest way possible to do it.

I have this amazing business, a wonderful coaching and mentoring practice, a fulfilling and energetic job teaching Secondary School classroom Music, am a freelance professional singer, poet and have two kids. Yep, it's busy. That's why I need things that make things easier, clearer and more sustainable. That's why I started the Key to it All.

You can learn more about me and how to work with me as a coach and mentor on my other website,

The History of our first project, The Key Cards

You know that feeling of being an overwhelmed business owner?! As in, when you sit down at your desk, finally with a minute to yourself, and don’t know where on earth to begin?!

Me too. So I started making myself a little deck of cards. Each day I’d pull one and do whatever it said on there. But there was one problem. Sometimes I felt like I had so much energy I could burst. At others I just wanted to have a lie down in a darkened room. I realised: these cards worked when I thought about my energy levels and how cyclical they were… as soon as I did that, everything unlocked for me, and the Key Cards were born.

The Key Cards
The Key Cards
The Key Cards
The Key Cards
The Key Cards
The Key Cards
The Key Cards
The Key Cards
The Key Cards
The Key Cards
The Key Cards
The Key Cards

The Key Cards


The Key Cards: 90 energy-enhancing, inspirational prompts, tasks and affirmation cards for time management, business confidence and productivity. Never have to have that "where do I start" feeling again: enjoy having your very own coach, mentor and cheerleader in your pocket.

This premium quality, glossy pack of cards, in a stunning gold-foil box, will ensure you make the most of your precious time and energy, so you can truly enjoy working on that business, passion-project or creative process you love. Bring more balance, clarity, productivity and positivity into your life, without compromising your own energy and wellbeing.

Each card is designed to maximise your energy and minimise your toil, and with suggested time-limits you can fit a card into your day with ease.


1000 Tiny Steps Online Self-Paced Course: find your next Purpose
1000 Tiny Steps Online Self-Paced Course: find your next Purpose

1000 Tiny Steps Online Self-Paced Course: find your next Purpose

Unlock the keys to unlocking your next right steps repeatedly, easily and with confidence.
Discover a consistent, reliable approach to how you approach your work and creative endeavours that you can use repeatedly.
Taking daily steps so you're ready to make the leap.
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