A B or C?


The Key Cards™ are an amazing resource to use - they're even better to use when you're in touch with how your energy ebbs and flows.


You might be entirely predictable in your energetic patterns, or have little idea how you're going to feel from one day to the next. Are you mostly A, B or C? Read the descriptions and decide below (or perhaps you're a category all of your wonderful own...)


Mainly A…

Your energy is dictated by a more traditional working week from Monday to Friday. On Mondays you're ready to take on the world…by Friday you just want to get to gin o'clock, and you're not doing weekends.


You're in full bloom (picking a meadow card) on Mondays and a sage (in bud), because your energy is high! On Tuesday you're all about visibility, so it's time for another meadow card. You struggle with productivity on Wednesdays, so before doing anything you choose from one of the affirmations included in the pack. Then it's time for a navy (renew) card, with possibly a short amber (harvest) card to tick off those to-dos. Thursday you're feeling like you have more to share, so it's sage to fire up the brain and then meadow to put yourself out there once more. By Friday you're on full on harvest (amber) mode in the morning, before picking a navy card and reflecting before you wrap up for the weekend. On Sunday morning you decide to pick up a journalling card and write about your hopes for the next few weeks.


Mainly B…

Your energy levels are extremely predictable and cyclical from one month to the next. Day 1 of your cycle is when you need to renew, rest and step back - you choose from the navy (renew) pack and allow yourself to reflect and restore. Around Day 7 you're feeling the creative urge, and are ready to throw yourself into new ideas, so it's choosing from the sage (in bud) collection, according to how much time you have. A week or so later and you're buzzing with purpose, making connections everywhere and wake up daily with a spring in your step. Each meadow (full bloom) card fills you with even more purpose. Finally you start to feel less inclined to be visible and more inclined to tick lots of practical tasks off the to-do list, bringing in the harvest of your work (amber), wrapping up those projects and making sure everything is just so, before you rest and renew once more. You are particularly prone to journalling during the time when you're in bud, using the sage cards, and the affirmation cards are essential during your renewal time.


Mainly C…

You don't know how you're going to feel from one day to the next. You know that when you sleep well, eat well and move your body you feel better, but you need to be able to feel like you'll always have something to do. You work best when you build up to something gradually, and tend to take complete breaks somewhat impulsively. This is fine, as you've built up a consistent and quality portfolio of work, that works for you and all the facets of who you are. You're happy to experiment to find the best way to use The Key Cards. Three ways you can try are: 1) removing the journalling and affirmation prompts, shuffling the rest of the pack and choosing one card at random; 2) organising the cards by time allocation and working from there; 3) using meadow (full bloom) and amber (harvest) cards when you need quick results, and using sage (in bud) and navy (renew) when you've got more time to experiment or reflect. Using affirmation and journalling prompts when it feels right to do so.


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