1000 Tiny Steps Online Self-Paced Course: find your next Purpose
1000 Tiny Steps Online Self-Paced Course: find your next Purpose

1000 Tiny Steps Online Self-Paced Course: find your next Purpose

Unlock the keys to unlocking your next right steps repeatedly, easily and with confidence.
Discover a consistent, reliable approach to how you approach your work and creative endeavours that you can use repeatedly.
Taking daily steps so you're ready to make the leap.

AYou get to the end of another busy working day. Perhaps you've wrestled the kids into bed, perhaps you've wrestled over a difficult contract, perhaps you just feel like you're wrestling with all the competing ideas and thoughts in your head.

Ideas are coming at you left, right and centre. You don't know where to prioritise, or even how to begin a list of priorities. You just don't know what the next right step for it.

  • Do you have lots of ideas but no strategy?
  • Do you feel you could make that big thing work if only you had more time/ confidence/ energy (or all three?!)
  • Do you worry about judgement from others (and how you might judge yourself) if you decided to go for it?
  • Do you struggle with prioritising yourself and making powerful decisions?
  • Do you wish you had the accountability to just get stuff done?
  • Do you wish you had a mentor to hold your hand through the decision-making, creative process?
  • Do you want greater financial clarity and freedom?

If you want increased confidence and freedom, excitement around creative and financial choices and to unlock from indecision and self-doubt then 1000 Tiny Steps is ready for you to step right in!

How do you know which big steps to take when you can't even work the tiny ones?Perhaps you sometimes feel like you're playing at being a grown-up.There's no time for you to consider what it is that you actually want to prioritise, and even if someone did gift you a few more hours every day how would you fill them? You veer from tired to excited to overwhelmed to resigned to "this is just how it is."

Those 1000 tiny steps look pretty massive right now. But they don't have to.

I use my experienced coaching and mentoring frameworks, encourage you to work to your own "right step" methodology, cultivate good habits and culminate with a measurable outcome. You'll also discover an awful lot about yourself in the process, that you can use in your life, relationships (with others and yourself) and your work.In this course you have all the resources, toolkits, exercises and content you need to go through this at your own pace.

Go Behind the Scenes of 1000 Tiny Steps!

There are six major modules to work through.
The big steps:
1. Work in progress

Acknowledging what's led to here and setting up systems and strategies early on. Setting intentions, action steps and accountability goals. 
2. Nurture, Consolidate and Cultivate
Who I am, the heart of my work and myself. Feelings around nurturing roles, boundaries and asking for help. Your values, your judgements and your plans. 
3. Money and freedom
Income overview, feelings around money, work versus play 
4. Question Everything
How to get inspired, invite creativity into your work and life and how it can stretch your financial freedom. 
5. Day by Day (Week by Week)
Your routines, your time off, your approach to work and play, your healthy habits
6. Action
Creating a plan for the next quarter - what works best for you, 3 practical examples and accountability check-points

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This course is all about equipping you with the exercises, prompts, tasks and strategies you need to work out your next steps, not loads of reading, videos and audios that you'll say you'll listen to one day but never actually do...your mind is already full with ideas and dreams, this course will help you make them a reality. 

1000 Tiny Steps Online Self-Paced Course: find your next Purpose