Small steps to success - Prioritising as a Freelancer, Creative or Start-up

Everyone I speak to at the moment appears to have too much on their plate, barely holding back the overwhelm. I firmly believe that we need to embrace saying "No" with our whole chest. But there are times when the "Yes" is less to do with obligation and a lot more to do with genuinely wanting to do it all.

Prioritising that task list and breakfast


Knowing what you want to do and having a clear idea of your motivations is a great start. Then get prioritising. Below are some tips that might just help make you feel energised and efficient instead of wrung out and overstretched.  

How to prioritise in your small business

  1. ​Give yourself a micro-moment of rest to allow you to be pro-active not reactive in prioritising. This might look like deep breath in for 4 and out for 8 (do this five times), it might be a walk around the garden/ your street, it might be free-writing for three minutes.
  2. Work out the non-negotiables. A few suggestions to get you thinking: sleep, eating well, a proper presence with family/friends, time in nature, exercise, reading for pleasure, meditation. What are the things that your week is poorer without?
  3. Work out the 2 to 3 big things you absolutely will prioritise this week in terms of actions.  The things that absolutely NEED to get done this week and that you want to be guiding your small actions all week. 
  4. Work out how you're feeling energetically and where you are in your cycle. Working with your cycle, rather than against it, will revolutionise what you get through in a month. A bit of knowledge here goes a long way.
  5. Work out where you need help - what's going to make this easier? Who can make this easier?
  6. What's the one thing you can do to make everything easier this week? Lose something altogether? Move something? Politely turn something down? Make space for whatever lights you up - exercise, singing with the kids, hot baths, hot lovin'...
  7. Buy a set of The Key Cards - our flagship product, 90 prompt cards, tasks and affirmations for small business owners, creatives and freelancers.

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