How to cope with Social Media Fatigue in December

Social media is a complicated beast, especially at this time of year.  So many of us use social media for our businesses which means we are always switched on to it.  Always thinking about ways to increase our reach, engage with our audience, sell more products, be authentic, stay visible.  The list goes on.  And on.

We have just finished with Black Friday, which to be honest, felt quite overpowering.  It was everywhere; in my inbox, social media streams, websites. Now, we move straight into the pre - Christmas period which is lovely and SO exciting but my feed is filled with beautifully decorated houses, wonderfully exciting festive family trips….none of which seem to replicate my slightly chaotic, jolly, manic festive countdown!

It got me thinking about how I approach social media in December.  How do I stop my mind wandering down giant holes of comparisonitis?  How do I keep my social media usage positive and not feel overwhelmed?



Social Media Plan

This is a good one for all of us small business owners and if you have bought my Key Cards you might have come across it!  Maybe one of your tasks can be to plan out content for the month so you can schedule it in advance and you don’t have to be on social media as much as usual.  Also means time for actual festive fun!  Hurrah!

Don’t check accounts before you go to bed or wake up

I personally like to leave my phone in another room to charge at night so I am not tempted to do this.  Try it and let me know how you feel.  It definitely helps me to sleep better.  I feel more in control of my day.

Remember you are not seeing the full picture

What you see on social media is a small part of that person’s day/year/life.  You are seeing what they want you to see.  Social media doesn’t feel quite so overwhelming when you remind yourself of that mid-scroll.

Fresh air away from phone

One of my personal favourites!  Take yourself out for a short walk without your phone.  Maybe use the time to do some breathwork and take in the world around you, rather than the curated world you see on your phone.


Taking a whole day off social media will not ruin your business.  People will not forget about you.  Your business is so much more than those little squares.  Unplug and give yourself time to breathe.  Everything will still be there tomorrow.


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