How to manage your energy as we approach party time

The pandemic kind of forced us all into a pretty chilled, slower paced Christmas last year but there is little doubt that this year already feels a little busier.  I love the build up to Christmas but between the things I want to do, commitments with friends and family, plus Christmas activities with the kids, it all starts to feel a little chaotic by the middle of December!

On top of all that, I still want to move forward with The Key to it All.  I want to tell even more of you about how wonderful The Key Cards are, I want to create more products and I want to move into 2022 with a solid plan for my business.  How does one manage all of that amongst the madness of December?!

When I know I am entering a really busy period of life I like to think about the things that give me energy.  I have a mental list of them but this would make a rather nice journal prompt too.  For me, it is things like burning a new candle, reading a gardening magazine in the bath or starting a new embroidery activity. 

Then I think about the things that drain my energy during December.  Are all of the things that drain my energy essential? Is there anything I can delegate? Do I have to reassess what I say yes/no to?  Am I able to squeeze in some extra energy boosters to get me through?

The Key Cards will most definitely be getting used to guide my energy when it comes to my business activities.  I want to make sure I am using my energy wisely and in a way that complements all areas of my life.  By using them, I am taking some pressure off myself which is SO appreciated at this time of year.

My tops tips for protecting your energy pre-Christmas are:

  • Sleep and eat well.  Christmas food is always tempting but make sure you are also planning on some nutritious meals!  Then you can hit up the chocs/mince pies/cheese board/input individual vice.
  • Take breaks.  Get out in the fresh air if you can.
  • Check in with yourself.  Don’t just keep going until you hit empty, use your energy boosters as and when you need them.
  • Technology breaks.  Too much scrolling will not do you any favours, especially at this time of year.  Enjoy this magical time of year in real time instead!

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