How to live according to your menstrual cycle - Winter


Your winter is a point in your cycle (or in the moon's cyclical patterns if you don't have a menstrual cycle) where your body and your mind need rest. ​The moon is on the dark side, inward, not displaying much.

You too might be feeling this way - inward, quiet, possibly uncertain, possibly a little anxious (or a lot), possibly a little foggy of mind? You might feel a bit jittery if you don't build enough rest into this part of your cycle. But you do need rest. Just like nature rests and is rejuvenated in the winter.

​To put it plainly, if there's a New Moon, there's a big chance you're a) craving rest and quiet; b) feeling like your brain is full; c) feeling like hibernating and d) tired!

The winter of your menstrual cycle is a time for rest and rejuvenation

​Ok, fine, but you've got mouths to feed, work to do, a business to run, people to please (really?), washing to put away, houses to clean, PTA emails to reply to, university student-children to reassure, gardens to rake, weight to lose, you need to just GET ON WITH IT, right?!

5 practical things to try in the winter of your menstrual cycle

  1. Use Sundays for a "date" with yourself and/or your significant other (if you share your life with someone) where you map out the week - and start with mapping out time for rest. Early nights, joining an online Yoga class (I can recommend Liz Daffen), phone free date-nights for you/yourself, easy meals where you don't have to think,
  2. Follow TOMM (The Organised Mum Method - we are all mothers as womxn whether we are child-free or have kids). It's a game changer
  3. Make an ideas list - these are things that float into your head that interest you - but don't actively pursue them - just let them percolate and add to the list.
  4. Ask this - what do I and only I have to do? What can I delegate? What can I ditch?
  5. Make it cosy, make it quiet, make it calm. Embrace your inner Dane and get your Hygee on, even if the calendar claims it's summer outside...


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