How to avoid feeling overwhelmed starting a business

Steps to avoid the overwhelm of a start up

I don't know about you but I'm not good at tying up loose ends/ finishing things off. I could come up with new ideas on the daily (and do) but often start with a bang and end up with a fizzle. This can look like:

  • setting up a website but not taking time to work on Search Engine Optimisation so no-one actually sees it
  • investing in an on-demand exercise membership, using it for two weeks but not for a the recommended month to see if it works
  • starting a book but not finishing it
  • setting up a process for my blogs but never pressing publish on the page
  • having a singing lesson...and then not doing the practice I need to do to make it last.

This week I've been setting up this Shopify site for The Key Cards exactly the kind of thing where I GOGOGOGOGOGO and then get overwhelmed at the last moment, and don't finish it.

Steps to avoid the overwhelm of starting a new business

Here's a few ideas to make sure it all gets done:

  • Invest in expert help where you need it (photography, branding assistance, a power hour with a marketing mentor)
  • Create a plan breaking down every single step from now until launch (use the experts help you've invested in for this.)
  • Build in loads of rest!! Like loads! So you don't get overwhelmed.
  • Communicate with your nearest and dearest. Forewarn them in order that they can help if you are distracted or need more support
  • If you have kids loop them in. Not least because taking the time to explain something to children is a great way of looking at things with wonderfully fresh eyes. 

    If you're struggling to keep on top of a new project which of these strategies (extra support and help (paid or unpaid), reverse engineering the process, building in rest, communication, protecting your energy) can you integrate into your processes?

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