My favourite goal setting process

Goals become a pretty hot topic at this time of year and whilst I do love creating goals for myself I like them to feel natural and non-pressured.  I have my own process of doing this and I would love to share this with you.  Let's see what we can come up with together.


✍️ Grab a sheet of paper and write down every skill you can think of, that you have. Everything counts!  Feel free to categorise your skills into groups and then colour code them (one for my fellow stationary fiends)!

✍️ Now it's time to work out how these skills align with the way you are currently living your life.  Do any of them provide you with new ideas?  If they do, add them to a new list!

✍️ Rest and SLEEP.  You need these things to help you generate new ideas.

✍️ Get out in nature, a good chunk of my new ideas come when I am outside.  Taking a notebook isn't always possible but I have the Otter app on my phone which allows me to record those ideas.  I would be lost without it!

✍️ Use your new skills list to create some goals.  I prefer to use the SMART goals system but there are of course other ways.

✍️ Specific, Measurable, Aligned, Realistic, Time-specific

Now, how often do you set your goals?!  This is how I do mine:

"Quarterly" - my planning is dictated by terms as opposed to "quarters" (which is a more familiar business model) - I set big goals for every term, leaving as much freedom as possible in July and August. I map out all the big school dates for me, then for my kids and my husband. Then I write down all the things I'd LOVE to do. Then I set myself some deadlines to do them.

Seasonally - I like to do seasonal vision boards. I light a candle, normally have Radio 4 playing quietly in the background and snip my way through magazines and journals until I find a way my life might look for the next three months.

Monthly - I do what I do quarterly but looking more closely at income. I love looking at this with a spreadsheet (I actually check my money daily and update my spreadsheet weekly).



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