Five Things to Remember to Deal with Overwhelm

Deal with overwhelm with these five tips

Five reminders to help you deal with overwhelm

1. It's ok to do more one than one thing (and you can do more than one thing well/ use the second thing to bring the money in)

Maybe you're keen to start something "on the side" but there's a lot of noise about "going for it" and "how can you possibly commit if you're not ALL IN."

You can be fiercely devoted to more than one thing.

If you need a job on the side to support you as you develop something new, then take that job. You'll be more motivated than ever to get on with the new thing, and reassured that the bills are paid so you have the headspace to get creative.

2. Collaboration and having a team of cheerleaders is essential

Gather a team of people to make you feel connected and supported.

  • A creative mentor
  • Business buddy
  • Group of similarly minded business owners
  • Co-working space: Have a look at the marvellous  Lauren and Shannon - highly recommend both!

Do you have a professional development budget for when (not if!) you need professional support? 

3. 15 minutes

What can you achieve in "Just 15 minutes"?  Habits that stick tend to start gently. You can find 15 minutes every day for something. Be that social media content planning, Pilates or yoga, bookkeeping or whatever else you know you are avoiding. 

Prove to yourself that you can find that 15 minutes - because the space is there, in all the scrolling and procrastinating (which is a lovely soothing thing to do, but which can hinder us rather than help us - and is sometimes actually rather horrible). Then you start finding more space to build in more of it. The feeling of stopping the procrastination and getting those easy to avoid tasks done is a lovely dopamine hit and that is addictive!

What's something you want to commit to that you can do for 15 minutes to get yourself started?

4. Marketing (often) takes a while for you to see results

Sometimes it can feel like you're shouting into the abyss and NO ONE IS LISTENING! Keep going. Plant the seeds and keep looking after them. The journey doesn't stop just because, you've put them in compost. Keep tending them, keep watching as they develop and wait for something wonderful to emerge. 

Realistically for someone to commit to spending money with you, you need to show up a lot. (there's that old rule of 7 but I bet my friend and marketing guru Siobhan (from These Little Fish) could update me on this!)

5. Your energy changes dramatically and cyclically each month

And that's ok! Sometimes you'll have a month where you're so fired up you don't stop...and then suddenly you're knackered. Sometimes you're all ready to go but your body just seems to want to rest, or you brain feels mushy. All of this is normal and to be expected, and it's why I created The Key Cards: 90 cards full of prompts and tasks to make organising, planning and creating your work and balance easy.


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